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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What If Beethoven Had Hearing Aids?

Imagine how the history of music would have been changed if Beethoven had digital hearing aids. I am fan of alternative history. Which is using 20/20 hindsight to imagine how history would have been changed if events in the past would have happened differently. I imagine Beethoven's emphasis would have been on performing rather than composing. I suspect he would also had a much happier life. Hearing loss and deafness have never been easy to live with even today.

Article about Beethoven's deafness

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.5 "Emperor Concerto" tonight

from Wikipedia
The Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73 by Ludwig van Beethoven, popularly known as the "Emperor Concerto", was his last piano concerto. It was written between 1809 and 1811 in Vienna, and was dedicated to Archduke Rudolf, Beethoven's patron and pupil. The first performance took place in November 1811, at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, the soloist being Friedrich Schneider. In 1812, Carl Czerny, his student, gave the Vienna debut of this work.

40 minutes in my family room with the lights off so I can concentrate solely on the music. My wife reminded me tonight that this all started when I got my hearing aids. May be it's the piano, an instrument I learned to play as a child or just the pleasure of listening to the third movement. Whatever the reason , it's good to be alive and hearing tonight.