What's in this blog? Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

"Mankind is terrified of silence, is uncomfortable in the quiet, is this the reason they need so much going on around them that is noisy? "

Friday, March 4, 2011

One Year Later

One year later my hearing test was OK. No additional hearing loss. My efforts to use hearing protection have paid off well. The "muff" style protectors are too hot to wear for very long but they are fine when using the miter saw and other equipment. My molded plugs are more comfortable for longer tasks.

My hearing aids are working as designed without any issues. I have come to the conclusion that cell phones make lousy phones. Blackberry's are small and powerful and are a real challenge to use as a phone. The microphone is too far from your mouth IMHO.  The Bluetooth interface with the hearing aids has been a huge benefit for me. I use it several hours a day.

Life is good and I am enjoying a lot more since my hearing has improved.