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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Forgot I Had Them On, or Too Much Multi-tasking

In the midst of getting four things done before I left the house, a quick shower was in order. I remember thinking, wow the shower is really LOUD tonight. One leg in the shower and then, Oh crap, forgot to take the HA's out. No harm done, took them out and wiped a few drops of water off of them. Wife's only comment was "Are they insured or under warranty?"

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  1. LOL. I have never done this before. I know a lot of people who have jumped in the shower with them on. Usually, a little water doesn't hurt--as long as you air them out immediately. And I was told to get rid of the battery if it got wet. I usually just dry it and let it air dry and use it again. Seems to work fine.