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Monday, August 9, 2010

What's so great about hearing aids?

I have had my hearing aids for six months tomorrow. Are the hearing aids worth time effort and expense? For me they certainly are.


It is much easier to hear my wife and actually understand what she is saying to me. A lot less guessing about what she is saying to me. Fewer misunderstandings and we laugh about them now.

Meetings and social events are a lot more fun. I did not realize how I was missing out on. Noisy places like Starbucks are tolerable now. I still think the architects and designers who design restaurants should be sentenced to work in them for at least a month.Too many of them are too damned noisy.

High tech hearing aids are cool, the hearing aid's ability to learn and adapt means I rarely adjust the volume any more. The blue tooth interface is a must with the Blackberry. It took a while for me to understand what the hearing aids were doing.

Zero issues with hearing aids or blue tooth. Easy to set-up and tweak. Battery replacement and routine maintenance only takes a few minutes a day.

My Subaru has turn indicator relays that make noise when you use them or leave them on. The tires also make a lot more noise than I thought. Never heard them until six months ago.

My vintage audio systems sound a lot better. Treble boost is now set flat.

Costco has great prices on hearing aid batteries, about half the price that Walgreen's wants for the same batteries.


As expected the hearing aids can't fix all of my hearing issues. I still have a hard time hearing soft consonants and some conversations. 

My hearing aids are very small, easy to loose if I don't put them up. I lost them in a hotel room one night.

I get feedback on certain frequencies above 2000 Hz and a some volume levels while listening to some instrumental music. But the hearing aids are learning and adapting so this happens very infrequently.

Are the hearing aids worth $8000? Do they improve the quality of my life? You bet. I left the house one morning without my HA's and realized that something was wrong. It took a minute or so to realize that I left my ears at the house. Good thing I was only a a few blocks away so the return trip and remedy was quick.

If you think you have a hearing problem, get your hearing tested and may be even fitted for hearing aids. Life is too short and too much to miss out on any of it.

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