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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why are My Hearing Aids in the Kitchen Trash?

The dogs didn't do it. Neither did my wife, I did it. My hearing aids are very small, are camouflaged and like to hide from me. (I think)

23:00 Friday Late Friday night after a long week, I decided to clean my hearing aids. No problem, hearing aids are again pristine, new batteries installed and ready for a busy Saturday.

2330 Lights out.

0430 Saturday Wide awake very early, excited about Salado Eggfest. Too dark outside to load the Subaru. Mess around until 0600 when my wife's alarm goes off.

0630 Saturday Showered, dressed, Where are my hearing aids? Nope not on the dresser, where they usually are. Check bathroom, table in the family room. This is getting serious.

0645 Wife "Where did you clean them?"

0646 Me "In my chair in the family, before I fell asleep in the chair". OK, check in the chair, on the table, on the floor. "Maybe the dog(s) ate them." "Oh sh**!"

0648 Wife "did you check the trash?"

0650 Me " Are you kidding? But I check anyways, just to satisfy her. First glance, no. More looking in the same places. Back to the trash can. This time I look more carefully. Hearing aids are in the same tissue I cleaned them with carefully wrapped in the bottom of the bag. Now I have to tell wife she was right. She was.

0655 Me "That could have been the most expensive bag of trash I have ever thrown away" Pulse and respiration returning to normal.

0700 Wife gives that smile that says "I know you better after 33 years than you know yourself."

0710 My hearing aids now have a new home in a mesquite bowl set aside for this specific purpose. They are either in my ears or in the bowl.

This story has a happy ending. My hearing aids, my wife and I all went to the Salado Eggfest and had a good time. Came home tired and my hearing aids were put in the bowl so I can find them next time.

My next pair of hearing aids will be bright red.

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  1. Good thing you were able to find your hearing aids! The best way to keep your hearing aids from getting lost is to wear them. If you are not wearing them, be sure that they are securely placed in their respective containers or boxes. You can also purchase some devices that would keep them from falling from your ears, like clips and stretch cords.

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