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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Apple iPod Touch, Bluetooth, very cool

I spent most of today playing with my new iPod Touch and have to say it is very cool. Best Buy matched their web price which was the same as Amazon. It synched up with my Streamer using Bluetooth on the first try. The sound quality using the hearing aid speakers is better than I expected. I only had one issue late today with the Bluetooth interface. The iPod was very busy playing a song with the Streamer active but all of the sudden, no music going to my hearing aids. What the ?? I fixed the problem by removing and rediscovering the Streamer in the Ipod Bluetooth set-up. The convenience of not using a cable between the Streamer and MP3 player is worth the additional cost of the Touch versus less expensive players. I can now play most CD library any where I travel.  Link to official Apple Ipod Touch

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