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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Audio, Vintage Ears, I Got My Highs Back

I have recently rediscovered how great my vintage stereo sounds with my hearing aids. I had been listening to less and less music because it was no longer fun to listen. Everything sounded flat, dull and muted. I realize now that I could not hear the high notes, no matter how loud I played the music. My wife also had something to say about rattling the plates when turned the volume up too high.

Just to make life more interesting I found some highly regarded vintage audio components at the local Goodwill store. The amplifier, preamplifier and tuner were built by a company named Quad Electroacoustics Ltd. or Quad for short. Absolutely first rate construction and a bit eclectic, like an old MG. The preamp uses 5 pin din connectors and has some interesting features. Now I have something to drive my AR-4X speakers. Not the loudest system but full sound, smooth highs and plenty of mid range and bass. My office sounds much better with something other than computer speakers to use my iPod Touch.

Quad 34 preamp,Quad FM4 Tuner and Quad 606 Amplifier

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