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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dogs and Hearing Aids

Tonight I was sitting in Barnes & Noble drinking a cup of tea and I realized that I could hear five conversations at the tables surrounding me. I thought about what has happened to me and those closest to me during the last month. In addition to my new hearing aids we have adopted a fourth rescue dog. Rocky is a 4 month old Catahoula pup that someone left on the side of the road in Rockdale TX. No comment about the sort of heartless SOB that could do this to a dog. At any rate, a cohort of mine at FedEx picked him up, took him home and asked to keep him over the Christmas holiday while she was traveling. Rocky has never left our house. He does have a new red collar and neuter job so he is here to stay along with Hunter, Cricket and Ginger.

So what do dogs and hearing aids have in common? I recently read that people and dogs are attracted to each other because we are both social species. Dogs and people need social interaction. Speech and hearing are both a critical component to this interaction. I realized a couple of months ago that was sitting in rooms full of people and not talking to anyone. I understand now that I am social critter and enjoy the company of my friends and brothers in the various masonic organizations, my team mates and customers at FedEx as well as the companionship of my wife. My hearing aids make this interaction much more effective and enjoyable.

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