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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy New Year's, Welcome Back to the Party

What do you get when have 500 kids screaming kids, their parents, a moon bounce, live Hula dancers, live music with drums, guitars, ukulele's and 1000 people all once talking in an unfinished store space? The Lunar New Year's celebration at the China Town Center in Austin TX yesterday. This is the day that the Chinese and other countries in Asia celebrate the new year. To say it was noisy and loud is an understatement. The good news was I was able to discriminate individual voices and even talk to my wife without shouting. Another win my for my new HA's.

The second hearing challenge of the day was a Tai Chi exhibition and attending the annual banquet of the Austin Taoist Tai Chi Society. 52 practitioners and friends celebrating the New Year and another successful year of practicing Tai Chi. My wife was on the banquet committee so I provided some free labor to help set up.

It was great to be able to talk someone across the table and have a coherent conversation while enjoying a traditional Chinese New Year’s meal. Several other folks at our table had hearing issues and we had some interesting conversations about HA's and hearing loss.

A great day all around.

Link to Austin Tai Chi organization  http://texas.usa.taoist.org/

Tai Chi is an excellent way to improve balance, flexibility and bone mass. I plan on attending the beginner’s class in April.
 Article on Tai Chi and Balance  Tai Chi and Improving Your Balance

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