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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Weeks Later and My Hearing is Much Improved

Very happy with the HA's and so is my wife. The HA's are time, effort and money well spent. No regrets about buying the best HA's I can afford.

I had appointment with Penny this morning and learned some more.

I live and work in a noisy world, about 60-70dB on average. Some places are really noisy in excess of 100 dB. I am wearing the HA's 12 hours a day. I don't spend a lot of time in quiet environments.

The hearing aids (HA's) are doing their job and my brain is learning to adapt to the new sounds a lot quicker than I would. I don't even notice that I have them on a majority of the time. I am impressed how well the HA's work.
A few more things I have learned in the last two weeks........

No one notices my hearing aids . They are invisible unless you are looking for them. Some other folks with HA's notice them but that's about it. The Streamer that I wear around my neck looks like an iPod or MP3 player.

A couple of my friends noticed the change in my hearing and asked what happened.

When I take the HA's out it's like stuffing my ears with cotton or wearing ear plugs. Sounds are flat and muffled and muted. Not too exciting, yet this is what my hearing has been like for years and I learned to live with it.

When I listen carefully, I can hear and understand how the HA's compensate for the high frequencies I can't hear. Some sounds like garage door openers, toilets flushing and machinery are loud and sharp. But these noises occur at the same frequencies that are used to pronounce the soft consonant sounds that make it easier for me to understand what's being said to me in a conversation. I'll take the amplified sounds along with the amplified consonants rather than neither which is the choice I have.

My tinnitus is much less noticeable with the HA's. It's still there but it's masked by everything else I can hear now. I notice it now when I take the HA's out before when I go to sleep.

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