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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Have a Hearing Loss

I am a 55 year old American male and one of millions of baby boomers who are hard of hearing. The only difference between me and most of my peers is that I have decided to do something my hearing loss.


1. I constantly misunderstand people when I am talking to face to face and on the Blackberry cell phone. The biggest and sometimes most difficult part of my job at FedEx is communicating with my peers, managers, techs, sales people, and customers.

2. I noticed a few months ago that I had the Blackberry ringer set to LOUD and the volume maxed out and I was unable to clearly understand people I was listening to. I missed calls because I can't hear the phone ring. Blue tooth headsets help but not enough.

3. I know I have a high frequency hearing loss from several years of hearing tests. My hearing has been deteriorating for several years.

4. I constantly ask my wife "What did he/she say" watching TV.

5. Forget about understanding the 17 year old waitress in the restaurant who taking my order and telling me about the special of the day. Especially if she is talking too fast and has an accent. I order from the menu.

6. I realized that I am opting out of conversations at social events because I can't hear.

7. My hearing problems result in a lot of misunderstandings with my wife.  Okay, they were pointless arguments for which I was responsible.

8. My Tinnitus is getting worse. I can't remember when I haven't had ringing in my ears. The last couple of years it has gotten so loud that it wakes me up. The Ear Nose and Throat specialist told me that it's my body compensating for the lack of auditory input in the frequency ranges I can no longer hear. The hearing aids won't make it go away but hopefully make less bothersome.

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