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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Happened to My Hearing?

Growing up I had many relatives who suffered hearing losses.

One of my favorite uncles was Uncle Ernie, who was the Chief Engineer on the Gulf Queen oil tanker through WWI and WWII. By the time I came along in 50's and 60's he was wearing a hearing aid around his neck with an ear phone one ear. He was dammned near stone deaf from spending years in a ships engine room.

My moms father was a boiler maker and welder for a railroad company. He was also hard of hearing all of my life.

My father, a WWII naval aviator and retired airline pilot wears hearing aids and is almost deaf in one ear. Too many hours around aircraft engines and very noisy cockpits. He once told  me "No one was too concerned in WWII about what happens to your hearing when you sit less than six feet from six 50 caliber machine guns. Not to mention the engine sitting a few feet in front of you. We had a war to fight"

One of my brothers who is an airline pilot is also hard of hearing.

Another brother also has hearing problems although he won't admit it.

My nephew told me that listening and watching my brother and I trying to talk to each other in the boat was pretty funny. We were both shouting at each other! That comment really made me think. I realized that at 55 years old I am just like my father, grandfather and uncle.

I lost a my high frequency hearing due to exposure to loud noises. I can pass on a few lessons learned the hard way.

If you are a shooter, wear plugs and muffs. I have been an avid shooter all of my life. 45 years ago, we knew a lost less about hearing protection.

If you are working in the shop or mowing the yard wear hearing protection.


Once the hearing is gone you can't get it back

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