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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day One, WOW

Penny, the audiologist fitted my first hearing aids this morning at 0900. The hearing aids are very light, easy to wear and just about invisible. Cool! Love the design and quality construction.

We paired my Blackberry with the Streamer. The Streamer is a Blue Tooth interface, microphone and remote for the hearing aids. Reviewed the maintenance, paper work, warranty and completed the checklist. Bill paid and now for the rest of the day.

Returned several voice mails and phone calls using the Streamer and Blackberry. I really like hearing the caller in phone calls in both ears. Much easier to understand. My wife's voice is fantastic!

I heard the turn indicator relay my Subaru for the first time after driving the Forester for more than a year. The door chime is LOUD. The car makes lots of noises I don't remember hearing before.

Next stop, meeting with a customer and FedEx account exec. Didn't miss a word in our one hour meeting. No one had to repeat anything.

As usual I had 4 phone calls during lunch. Easier to hear the phone with Streamer off in noisy places. I am beginning to understand the limitations of the firmware sorting out noise from voices. Had to turn the volume down a notch or two.

Another hearing challenge at Starbucks working on the laptop. Easier to hear in Starbucks than at lunch. Fewer voices and racket to sort out.

I used my laptop to charge the Streamer while I was working on an integration this afternoon.

Sounds I heard again today for the first time;

Birds chirping
Zippers and clothes rustling
Everyone's voice sounds different
the key clicks on my laptop keyboard
Wind and soft rain
Sounds are really bright and sharp
Tinnitus is much less noticeable

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