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Friday, February 5, 2010

One Week and a Day, life is better

I have been wearing the hearing aids and using the Streamer for one week and a day. The hearing aids are a huge improvement compared to my unassisted hearing. Sounds are very flat and muted, also my tinnitus is much more noticeable without the hearing aids. I am very impressed with the XW's and the quality of the sound. Nothing sounds tinny or artificial.

The Streamer is great in relatively quiet places. I use it several hours a day and only resort to using the handset on the Blackberry while I am driving.  One neat trick I learned was that the voice dialing, and recall the last number functions on my Blackberry work well with the Streamer. I use my Sansa MP3 Player with the Streamer with OK results. I think the speakers in the HA's are too small to reproduce the bass adequately for music. I do like like listening to E-Books on the Sansa using the Streamer

My wife says that she noticed the difference in the first few days. I have been turning the volume down on every thing. I never knew how loud TV commercials were. I also noticed all sorts of beeps and chirps that our gadgets and household appliances make that I didn't notice before.

Starbucks and other eateries require me to tun the volume down two or three clicks to keep the noise tolerable. Same thing in the Subaru.

Do my hearing aids increase my enjoyment of daily life? Yes
Do they improve my communications? yes, every time I speak to someone or listen to someone else.

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  1. That's great. I am glad your hearing aids are working well for you. Even though I have had a hearing loss since birth, everytime I am fitted with a new hearing aid, it is always a new experience for me. With new aids, I notice how loud places can be. The world is certainly noisy!!